Beautiful, exotic Sapele is an African hardwood similar to–and often used in place of–Mahogany. Sapele has long been used in the manufacture of musical instruments, and is often seen on the back and sides of acoustic guitars. We offer Sapele in Framed and Euro, in the colors shown below. The photo at right is our Mission Solid door, in Sapele with a Natural stain.

Sapele features interlocking, fine textured grain that frequently changes direction. Our Sapele is “quarter sawn” at the mill, a process that creates a ribbon or stripe effect, almost as if the wood glows with an internal light. Colors range from light brown to medium reddish brown tones. Sapele is light-sensitive, and will darken with age, an effect that will be accelerated with exposure to sunlight.

A range of colors and grain patterns may appear on the same panel, and adjacent door and drawer fronts will not match. These are natural characteristics of Sapele and are not considered a defect.